The Family Dental Mission Statement:

It is our objective to promote comprehensive dental care, including
prevention, emergency intervention, restoration of function.

PREVENTION: We believe that a beautiful smile is something that must be
maintained and good dental hygeine/care is important even for health and beautiful skin.
We start the programming of our patients at an early age.
Children are scheduled to be seen at three years of age, the first visit
will never be traumatic. Children will be familiarized with the dental
office, fluoride gel administered, and a prophylactic cleaning. They will be
scheduled at six month intervals, where any discrepancies can be diagnosed
and treated. We do not want to turn children off when it comes to visiting
the dentist, we want to enlist them in the fight to care for their oral
condition in conjunction to the dental professional. Around six years of age
their permanent dentition begins erupting, it is at this stage that sealants
are applied to prevent pit and fissure caries. These teeth will not be
replaced if they are lost so special attention must be paid. Caries will
usually not proceed too far if six month visits are maintained, at which
time if they are present they can be excavated and restored without any
pain, and in most cases without anesthesia. However, if caries are left
alone and a year elapses before intervention, then there will be some pain
involved, as anesthesia which is a traumatic experience will be necessary.
The drilling will irritate the pulp, and some pain can be expected
afterwards. What is the most adverse result of such treatment is the
avoidance of dental care in the future as a result of the negative
reinforcement of associating the dentist with pain.